The chair of Education and Outreach for Georgia URISA would like to announce that there is an Opportunity for Students in Georgia. Georgia URISA is once again organizing an Online Map Competition for Students in 2017.

Online Map Competition”

This map competition it is an opportunity for Georgia University/College students to share their best maps with others who appreciate quality cartography, innovation and finally get recognition for their talents.

This is an online competition.  All maps/posters and links need to be submitted by midnight of May 31st to with a minimum half a page statement that provides context of the submission, i.e. its purpose, how it may be used, how it was created etc…, and a cover page that will include:

  • Student information, including name, address, phone number, email address.
  • Degree program (e.g., M.A.), cartography/GIS instructor’s name.
  • Graduation Date
  • Institutional affiliation


Maps will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Standard Map Elements: Title, legend, scale etc: 15 points
  • Balance and Layout: Does map appear well-balanced to the eye? Are some areas of the map blank while other areas are crowded: 10 points
  • Drafting Technical Quality: Technical involvement; difficulties: 20 points
  • Detail Thoroughness: Is there too little detail? Is there too much detail? Does it extend into every passage? Is it consistent throughout the entire map? Is the detail easy to understand or is it confusing? Does the detail match the legend or the list of symbols? What would be the use of the map? Does the map show the purpose: 15 points
  • Visual Impact: Does the cartography make the subject interesting or boring? Overall, does the map look good: 20 points
  • Innovations, new methods which enhance the understanding of the map: 20 points


 100 points is a maximum that student can acquire based on above requirements.

First, second and third place will receive a prize. Prizes to be announced soon! The rest of the participants will get recognition in the GA URISA newsletter and “swag.” 

Maps need to be submitted by Midnight of May 31st to, confirmation email will be an indication of the submission.