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SEGA URISA Event: Hurricane Prep Rally (6.14.2018)

Date: June 14, 2018
Time: 11am – 3pm (see Agenda for details)
Location: Harold Pate Building (1725 Reynolds St Rm 224, Brunswick, GA)
Lunch (optional): $12 (Honey Baked Ham Sandwich/Salad Box + Drinks)
Topic: Hurricane Prep Rally (see below for presentation details)
Kirk McElveen (Chatham County)
John Centeno (Glynn County)
Lisa Fulton (Coastal Regional Commission)
Scott Jackson (Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission)


For questions, please email us or contact Mandy Terkhorn at (912) 651-1458.

Presentation Details
Title: Individual Assistance Damage Assessment Technologies & Best Practices
Speaker: Kirk McElveen (Chatham County)
Summary: Hurricane Matthew made it clear that paper Individual Assistance Damage Assessment (IADA) forms are not viable on a large scale disaster. Chatham County learned from this experience developed an intuitive, mobile data collection method for collecting IADA information. This included developing a Social Vulnerability Index to prioritize damage assessment areas. Hurricane Irma provided the opportunity to demonstrate Chatham County’s changes to the IADA Program while conducting more than 90,000 surveys in only a few days.

Title: Drones, Maps, and Math
Speaker: John Centeno (Glynn County)
Summary: We will discuss how Glynn County GIS used drone technology and ESRI Drone2Map software to monitor debris cleanup and calculate the volume of storm debris from Hurricane Irma. This method was used to compare with the amount of debris calculated the FEMA/GEMA monitors and debris removal companies in order to prevent fraudulent billing.

Title: GIS Best Practices & Resources for Public Safety
Speaker: Lisa Fulton (Coastal Regional Commission)
Summary: Presentation going through various resources to help streamline symbology and data preparation (and usage). This will also share some real-world lessons learned from Irma.

Title: Hazus & Emergency Response
Speaker: Scott Jackson (Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission)
Summary: Presentation on flooding modeled in Hazus that was later experienced in person not too long after the model run.

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