Best Practices for Publishing Geospatial Data




Presentation Title: Best Practices for Publishing Geospatial Data

Presentation Summary: Are you drowning in data? Do you see a deluge of more data coming? Are you under pressure to publish data to users, inside or outside your organization? Making relevant, high-quality geospatial data available to your community of users promotes data reuse, improves collaboration, and drives operational excellence. But, publishing geospatial data effectively and efficiently can be challenging, due to the sheer volume, diversity, and complexity of geospatial data. This presentation will present best practices for successfully publishing geospatial data, outline some of unique challenges that must be overcome, and showcase a success story from an organization that has setup a state-wide geospatial data clearinghouse.

Presenter: Bruce Chaplin, Vice-President Business Development – Americas, Hexagon Geospatial


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