Georgia Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

Georgia URISA is a proud chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). The Georgia URISA Chapter is an organization of professionals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other information technologies to solve challenges at the state, county, and local government levels. In addition, we collaborate with various private sector agencies that utilizes GIS.

URISA is a non-profit professional and educational association that promotes the effective and ethical use of spatial information and information technologies for the understanding and management of urban and regional systems. It is a multidisciplinary association where professionals from all parts of the spatial data community can come together and share concerns and ideas.

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Monthly Lunches

For the next few months at least, GA URISA luncheons will be held online. Look for topic and meeting info below and in emails. If you have any questions, please email

Georgia URISA holds networking lunches the second Tuesday of every month. More details can be found here.  Click on the event below to reserve your space now.

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Georgia URISA Virtual Luncheon January 2021: New Survey123 Release and Backend Integrations with Automations Supported by Integromat

Tuesday, January 12th, 12:00 — 1:30 pm

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: Rob Hathcock is an Account Manager out of Esri’s Atlanta Office. Rob helps clients plan, implement, and maintain business systems at an enterprise level across multiple user departments while looking for growth opportunities.

Topic: Esri recently released a quiet update to Survey123 that allows for geometry storage without the need for the map function. This means you no longer need to geocode stored address, Survey123 now geocodes and adds geometry against an organization’s hosted locators. Will also present backend integrations with automations supported by Integromat.

Georgia URISA Virtual Luncheon — Georgia Forestry Commission Meter Reading and Google Earth Projects

December 8, 2020

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

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Presentation Synopses:
1. GFC/EPD Agricultural Water Meter Reading Project: In 2003, the Georgia legislature passed a
bill requiring the permitting of agricultural water users capable of using 100,000 gallons or more per
day. The next year they commissioned the Soil and Water Commission (now the NRCS) to install water
meters on all applicable agricultural well and surface sources in the state. There are now over 13,000
meters that require monitoring and measurement. In 2016 the Governor designated the EPD to manage
these meters and obtain annual readings. As they lack the field staff to effectively complete this task,
the EPD executed a contract with the GFC to obtain these readings. GFC GIS has devised a system to
efficiently facilitate this process. Leveraging mobile GIS field applications with cloud-based resources, we
expect to complete these readings in approximately ten weeks with a target accuracy level of 97%. The
system uses mobile devices, web hooks, dashboards, and automated triggers to streamline collection
and quality control procedures.

2. Google Earth Engine Script to Delineate Forest Disturbance for BMP Surveys: The GFC has a
mandate to conduct biennial surveys to determine water quality impacts from forestry operations.
Generally the greatest impact is associated with timber harvesting, which can be effectively identified
with remote sensing procedures. The objective is to obtain a random sample of all harvest sites within
the subject areas. We are now using a script in Google Earth Engine to extract disturbance sites using
the ESA’s Sentinel 2 satellite imagery. The routine uses a threshold difference in NDVI values between
the pre and post disturbance periods to identify forest disturbance sites for evaluation. The project is
now underway and the reported results are very favorable, with false positive levels currently below 5%.

Speaker Bio: Cob Bailey has been the GIS Manager for the Georgia Forestry Commission since 2012 and has worked for the
agency since 1995. He has a degree in Environmental Spatial Analysis from the University of North
Georgia. He is a certified GISP and qualified GIS Specialist (GISS) under the national Incident Command
System (ICS). He works from his home in Clarkesville and has two terrific kids with whom he greatly
enjoys playing.

GIS Specialist – EPEI (Atlanta)

Edwards-Pitman Environmental Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia)
Position: GIS Specialist (Full-Time)
Experience: 0-5 years
Job Description:
Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. has an immediate need for a GIS Specialist to join our Atlanta office located in the Vinings area. The selected candidate would serve as our GIS specialist for internal and external clients, supporting data visualization and data management for our environmental engineering groups (Archaeology, Ecology, History, & NEPA).

Prospective candidates should email a letter of introduction, resume, and list of references to Artis LangBruttig (

GIS Specialist Job Posting

Georgia URISA Virtual Luncheon: Overview of 3D Visualizations and A Web GIS Inventory Database

Tuesday, November 10th, 12:00 — 1:30 pm

Meeting number (access code): 131 633 4436

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Topic: Overview of 3D Visualizations — The presentation talks about two 3D visualization projects by applying different technologies. 3D city models represent existing buildings in urban areas and support planning, analysis and decision making. The ESRI CityEngine is applied to visualize a transportation planning model.

Presenter: Helen Peng, GISP — Helen Peng is a GIS Analyst/Developer at University of Georgia (UGA) Facilities Management Department (FMD). She updates GIS utilities data and creates interactive web maps for geospatial requests. She has been working in 3D visualizations for over a decade and applies ArcCityEngine and SketchUp to create 3D city models. Ms. Peng holds a GISP certificate and M.S. Landscape Architecture at Washington State University.

Topic: A Web GIS Inventory Database — Using the ArcGIS REST API, GeoJobe, FME and Postgres, you can develop a database linking SDE feature classes to the REST services they are used in, and then to the web maps that consume those services. This allows you to answer questions such as “if I change the database password for this user, which web maps will be affected when I republish services?” This project is a work in progress; the presentation is intended to both share what has been done to date as well as to solicit feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Presenter: Scott Sirotkin — Scott works as the GIS Coordinator at Newton County. His focus is on database management, scripting/FME and web GIS. He has a City Planning Masters degree from Georgia Tech.

Georgia URISA Luncheon (October 13, 2020): ArcGIS Velocity and Field Maps

ArcGIS Velocity: 12:00 pm -12:30 pm.

ArcGIS Velocity is the real-time and big data capability in ArcGIS Online that works, at scale, to process your streaming and historical spatial and IoT data in ways that allow you to gain insights and take action in real-time.


Julia Bayer is a Solution Engineer out of Esri’s Washington D.C. Regional Office. She supports federal civilian and policy customers and also helps to support the ArcGIS Velocity product team across the company.

​Beth Taylor is an Account Manager out of Esri’s Redlands CA Headquarters. She supports Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail, Media and Entertainment Sector Teams and also helps support the ArcGIS Velocity, Product Team.

ArcGIS Field Maps: 12:30 pm – 1 pm

ArcGIS Field Maps is Esri’s new premier maps app on iOS and Android devices.

Field Maps will combine the following capabilities into a single app that is easy to use and simple to deploy:

  • Simple map viewing and markup
  • High accuracy field data collection and inspection
  • Battery-optimized location tracking
  • Work planning and task management
  • Turn-by-turn navigation


Jason Schroeder is a Solution Engineer out of Esri’s Atlanta Office. Jason presents GIS solutions to local government staff to demonstrate product capability and extend the Esri knowledge base where needed.

Rob Hathcock is an Account Manager out of Esri’s Atlanta Office. Rob helps clients plan, implement, and maintain business systems at an enterprise level across multiple user departments while looking for growth opportunities.

Tuesday, October 13th, 12:00 to 1:30

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Meeting number (access code): 131 814 0190

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GA URISA Online Luncheon — FME Integration with Esri Products

Date: September 15, 2020

Time: 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm

Topic Summary: Exploring the different ways Esri products can be integrated with FME from updating Census information in ArcGIS Online to emailing you about data integrity.

Speaker Bio: Kayden Pyke graduated from the GIS program from KSU in 2018. He currently works at the City of Sandy Springs as a GIS Analyst. Kayden previously worked for Engineering Associates and before that interned for the City of Covington and Gwinnett County. His one goal in life is to integrate FME with everything.

Meeting Info:

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

11:45 am  |  (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)  |  1 hr 30 mins

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GIS TECHNICIAN – City of Hinesville

Location: City of Hinesville, Hinesville, GA 31313
Department: Inspections
Job Status: Full-Time
Shift: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.
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Job Advertisement

The City of Hinesville is accepting applications for a Geographic Information Systems Technician in the Inspections Department.  The position is responsible for the development and maintenance of GIS data of the City of Hinesville and Liberty County.


  • Collecting data and information from a variety of sources for the development and maintenance of the GIS databases.
    Managing reoccurring and as-needed data and map requests
  • Performs GIS data creation, manipulation, management, and analysis, such as digitizing, georeferencing, geocoding, editing, COGO, and querying both spatial and non-spatial data.
  • Works with various City of Hinesville Departments and Liberty County to determine their needs for GIS services and provide recommendations.
  • Responds to recurring and as-needed data and map requests.
  • Performs other duties, as assigned

A Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, or related field, with major course work in Geographic Information Systems is required, or two (2) years of professional experience with Geographic Information Systems.

Applicants must also have experience in the use of ESRI products including ArcGIS for Desktop 10.0 or higher and ArcGIS Online; working knowledge of Microsoft Office; Strong problem solving, time management and verbal/written communication skills including ability to communicate effectively with customers and the ability to multi-task and complete projects in a timely manner.

Minimum starting salary is $38,402.54 plus excellent benefits. The position is open until filled.

Please submit applications online at:



Emergency Location Marker Webinar

Learn how Emergency Location Markers and rapid response tools can save time, money, and lives.


Thursday, September 10th at 2pm EDT

  • Please join Team Spatial and a panel of experts as we discuss how to respond to emergencies faster with Emergency Location Markers.

Did you know?

  • As much as  35% of all emergency calls in the United States are sent to locations without a street address.
  • High use recreational areas are one of those places where individuals get injured or lost.
  • The lack of addresses along with the lack of directions along these routes routinely complicate and delay response time.
  • The National Search and Rescue Committee designated the USNG as the coordinate system for all land rescue operations.

The Solution

  • ELMs can drastically reduce emergency response times and save lives.
  • Sgt. David Ablashi, a Ranger with the Cobb County Police Department, said the ELMs “help us find them much, much faster. We have informational signs at our trailheads to make it easier to understand how it works. Now they look for the blue number before they call 911.”

There will be Q&A at the end of the webinar to answer your questions. If you can’t
attend the live session, register anyway and we’ll email you the recording and slides
after the webinar.

Austin Burrous


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GA URISA Online Luncheon — GIS Profession Survey Results and Visualizing Data for Public Users

Topic: GIS Profession Survey Results

Presenters: Cory Alden and Robert Phillips

Cory Alden is an Application Support Analyst for Cobb County’s Core GIS Team. In this position, Cory creates customs web applications and maps, designs web pages, and is an ArcGIS Online Administrator. His career goal is to create practical and interesting uses of GIS data and applications for the general public.

Past Positions include: Remote Sensing Scientist at the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, and GIS Technical at the Bureau of Land Management. Cory holds a B.A. in Geography from Georgia College & State University, an M.A. in Geographic Information Science (GISc) from Appalachian State University, and a Graduate Certificate from Appalachian State University.

Robert Phillips works for the Cobb County Water System as a GIS Specialist. He helps maintaining the various water assets throughout the county, creating customized solutions for various projects and/or workflows, builds and writes various scripts/tools to generate reports or streamline tasks. One of his many goals is to further his knowledge and understanding of GIS, and to ultimately test his knowledge as well as the various limitations of GIS.

His past experiences include working as an intern for the American Cancer Society, Cobb County Government, City of Roswell Parks and Recreation. He has a Bachelor Degree in Geography with a certificate in GIS. Some of his major accomplishments are the Cobb County Brewery and Distillery Tour, which was presented in the ESRI UC in 2018.

Topic: Visualizing Data for Public Users

Presenter: Amber Schmidtke

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Amber Schmidtke recognized there was a large gap between the way that scientists communicate and how non-scientists receive information. She has combined her roles as a public health microbiologist and college educator to provide meaningful analysis and explanation of disease trends to the public through a popular newsletter and podcast. As a result of these communication efforts she was invited to serve as a member of the Georgia COVID-19 Data State Task Force, advising government agencies on how to package their complex data to meet the needs of the public.

Summary of the talk: Discussion of lessons learned while creating data visualizations for the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Meeting Info:

Meeting number (access code): 160 180 5592

Meeting password: X3RpFxJ6Ui2

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

11:45 am  |  (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)  |  1 hr 30 mins

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GIS Intern – City of Sandy Springs

GIS Intern

The City of Sandy Springs is currently accepting applications for a GIS Intern.  Qualified applicants will have knowledge of GIS principles as well as practical experience with Esri ArcGIS.  The person in this position may be required to perform address reviews, collect data in the field and in the office, make online maps, edit existing datasets and provide GIS support to other departments.   

The GIS Intern will work under the supervision of the GIS Manager and with the GIS Analyst.  This position does not have supervisory responsibilities.  

Applicants are preferred to be working towards a degree or certificate in Geography, GIS or related field.

The GIS Intern will have the opportunity to grow their GIS skills with ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, Collector, ArcGIS Online and other Esri products. The City of Sandy Springs has access to a number of Esri training courses, which the GIS Intern can utilize.  This is an unpaid position.  

Preferred Skills

Esri ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Desktop

Ability to work well with GIS staff as well as other departments

Ability to meet project deadlines

Desire to continue learning new technologies 


Hours and Location

The GIS Intern is expected to work on-site between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Thursday.  Part-time or full-time hours will be considered based on the Intern’s class schedule.

Apply at

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